Sara Brewer, LCSW

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sara has extensive experience in community mental health settings, inpatient settings, and with survivors of trauma. Sara has training in CBT, DBT, MI, and Trauma Informed Care she utilizes to support clients in learning how to manage distress, challenge unhelpful thinking patterns, and become more effective in healthy relationships. Sara works passionately to build a therapeutic partnership with clients to promote self-compassion and effective problem solving skills as they progress on their journey to stability. 
It takes courage to ask for help and strength to put in the work
to make progress in mental health recovery, and I am passionate about my work in being part of that process. I strongly believe that therapy is a partnership between the client and I, and we can work as a team to help the client learn skills and gain the insight needed to start the healing process. As no single approach is right for everyone,
I have a background in a range of treatment modalities to customize therapy to the individual. Together, we can help you to start
the healing process and gain the stability needed to feel
complete, whole, and safe.



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