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The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown is truly a ground-breaking book.  I recommend it to most of my clients to read.  What I like about this book is that is is sectioned so that you can move through different parts.  I recommend reading the entire book as each part is linked, but for those that need a reminder or boost; taking it one section at a time is good too!  

                     ~Jodi Bessinger

Renew Counseling, LLC
214 Breckinridge Lane, Suite 114 Louisville, KY 40207  
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Being able to better understand attachment and the importance of connection in adoptive and foster families is so important.  This book walks families through what to expect and anticipate in the journey of adoption.  The author gives suggestions on how to deal with issues that come up as well as how to prepare for adopting a child(ren).  She also provides helpful suggestions on how to manage issues that come up as your child grows.  

~Jodi Bessinger

Twenty questions will help parents better understand the loss and grief issues that foster and adoptive children go thru.  This book may also help those adolescent or adult children of adoption to better understand and validate their own emotions and experiences.  

                     ~Jodi Bessinger

This book continues Brene Brown's research and quest to define vulnerability and wholehearted living.  The quote that the book is named for is a wonderful piece of writing and inspiration for all of us that has been in the arena and marred by dust, defeat and sweat.  For those that are standing on the sidelines, wanting to take the leap, this book may give you the personal insight into what holds you back and how you can let go and embrace your vulnerability and growth potential. 

​~Jodi Bessinger

One of my supervisees introduced
me to this book. It's been one of my favorites ever since. I've used this book with clients and personally gained insight and my own growth through it's pages.  The author has a wonderful way of taking feelings, emotions and life circumstances we view often as BAD,
and re-framing them into something
we can use to heal from and move forward. ​I highly recommend this book!

                     ~Jodi Bessinger