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All licensees are required to complete 3 CE hours on domestic violence and 3 CE hours on law. Renew is submitting the application for approval for both of these course.  Hoping to offer them both in the Spring 2018.

​​Required training for LPCCs to provide supervision to Professional Counseling Associates.  This training must be renewed every 3 years to meet the Kentucky Board of Licensed Counselor's requirements.  Jodi Bessinger, LPCC, LPAT has over 20 years of practice as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.  Her training closely reviews the Kentucky Counselor's Board Requirements including assessing the supervisee, dual relationships, forms, frequency of supervision, types and styles of supervision, addressing concerns within supervision and evaluation. 

Clinical Training in Louisville


Required training for LPCC, LPCA.  All professionals holding a license shall complete a minimum of 6 hours of continuing education in suicide assessment, treatment, and management within the first year of licensure and every 6 years thereafter as required by KRS 210.366. (Many individuals will be exempt from the initial or ongoing requirement for licensure, including an initial exemption for those who graduated from a CACREP accredited program after 2009. For additional exemptions please reference the regulation directly.)

This training has been approved by the LPCC Board of Kentucky as meeting this requirement.  All participants attending the full length of the training will receive 6 hours of CEU's.

Learn about how to identify symptom, assess risk and address that risk as well as ongoing treatment and support. Discuss how to handle difficult situations and review the therapist's reaction to a clients statements of self-harm.  Process our own thoughts and feelings about suicide and learn how to manage and self-regulate our own thoughts and emotions.  We will also discuss current best practices for working with clients after hospitalization.  Our learning environment is open and free of judgement.  Discussion and learning from others is important and encouraged.  



I have provided this training to schools, counselors, DCBS workers and concerned adoptive, foster and biological parents alike.  This training focuses on understanding the different types of attachment as well as the neurological impact trauma can have on the brain and an individual's ability to form healthy attachments in relationships.  We look at DMS diagnosis associated with attachment difficulties and work to de-pathologize the RAD diagnosis.   We will discuss how to address attachment issues in the classroom, at home, while fostering and thru adoption.  This is a low cost training that I like to offer as a flat group fee, but will consider offering this on an self-pay basis with a minimum of 12 participants.   

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