It’s time to reach out because you're not  alone. During these challenging times we continue to offer

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so you can make changes, have a healthy mindset, heal & move forward with your life.


Through out the past few years, we've been here for you & we will continue to be here for you!


Renew Counseling Services was established by Jodi Bessinger, in 2014 and quickly grew to become a group practice with more than 25 therapists. Our therapists are not only trained in several therapy methods but also come from different backgrounds, and with a variety of life experience.  We have one of the largest practices of Art & Expressive Therapists as well as EMDR Trained Therapists. 

Renew Counseling was created with the belief that all people can make great strides towards personal growth when ready for change. We believe that a willingness to

grow and show vulnerability are important keys to development and change. We also know trauma plays an important role in the difficulties many face. Experiences of trauma can impact us most deeply and continue, at times, to cause us the most distress. The residue of guilt and shame that accompanies traumatic experiences also creates invisible burdens and difficulties in our lives. We may store, hide away and deny these experiences for a long time. Our aim at Renew is to walk beside you and guide all on their journey toward personal growth and life improvement.


If you would prefer to have online sessions to protect your safety or those you love, we are offering Online (TeleHealth) services to ALL clients.


Please discuss this with
your therapist or contact us at
1 (502) 653-7211 

“ We strive to make counseling accessible & affordable to everyone. We accept most insurance plans, offer a sliding scale rate and maintain a professional billing department to help with processing & claims and understanding your benefit.

We have a diverse team of therapists with years of experience treating children, adults, couples and families. Our treatment embraces the whole mind and body to create a more holistic recovery process. 

                                                                       – Jodi Bessinger



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August 2022

National PEACE Month

August is National Peace Month.  

National Peace Month in August somehow feels very needed in today's world. 

National Peace Month began on  August 1926 at the the Democratic Peace Conference in Germany. While the original intention of the designation was to provide time to reflect and remember the horrible tragedies across the globe as a result of World War I, August now provides us with a time to reflect on broader issues surrounding navigating conflict and finding peace.  It is important to remember that while few may be stressed and in conflict with others, nature and the world, the majority of individuals are not in conflict.  We all seem to glide thru our days with little conflict and when we encounter the preverbal brick wall that life hands us sometimes or the neighbor who is upset with us, we tend to navigate thru it pretty well.  Finding peace is a mental practice, a practice of letting go of negative thoughts, of resentments and past anger and offering forgiveness, understanding and perhaps empathy.  We are all flawed and constantly make mistakes.  Our ability to move forward and evolve is to find peace with others, in natures, and within ourselves.  

This balance of peace, letting go and moving forward is essential to our health and well being.  

"Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding"- Albert Einstein