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  Creating a space that is safe and secure.  Offering therapy that meet your needs.  


Renew Counseling offers something more using evidenced based practices with skilled therapists.  We are one of the largest EMDR-trained and trauma focused practices in Kentucky.


 We provide

In-office & Telehealth therapy appointments

so you can make changes, have a healthy mindset, heal & move forward with your life.


Renew Counseling Services was established in 2014 and quickly grew to become a group practice with more than 30 mental health professionals. We have recently expanded to three different locations in the Louisville and Oldham County areas.  We know connecting to a therapist locally is important.  Our clinicians often stay with the practice and several have been with us from the beginning because focusing on the health of our therapists is equally important.   

Our therapists are trained in several therapeutic modalities. As a practice, we focus on EMDR and Expressive Therapies because we know the impact these two modalities have in healing trauma.  We have one of the largest practices of Art & Expressive Therapists as well as EMDR Trained Therapists. Our therapists also come from different backgrounds, Ethnicities and with a variety of life experience.  

Renew Counseling was created with the belief that all people can make great strides towards personal growth when ready for change. We believe that a willingness to

grow and show vulnerability are important keys to development and change.


We also know trauma plays an important role in the difficulties many of us face. Experiences of trauma can impact us most deeply and continue, at times, to cause us the most distress. The residue of guilt and shame that accompanies traumatic experiences also creates invisible burdens and difficulties in our lives. We may store, hide away and deny these experiences for a long time.


Our aim at Renew is to walk beside you and guide all on their journey toward personal growth and life improvement.


Our patient forms and registration are all offered online thru our patient portal.  If you would prefer to have online sessions, we offer secure Telehealth sessions as well.


Registration under the contact tab is required before accessing the patient portal.  

Healing the past so you can live in the present.

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We have a diverse team of therapists with years of experience treating children, adults, couples and families. Our treatment embraces the whole mind and body to create a more holistic recovery process. 

                                                                       – Jodi Bessinger



We want to know what you think.  Feedback is an important part of growing and improving.  We take feedback very seriously.  

In an effort to improve, we want to know that what you think of our services and how we can improve.  We also want to know what we are doing well, so we can keep doing a good job.  

Thank you for your feedback!  ​We appreciate it!



If you have concerns and wish for us to make changes, please email us directly:

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