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Renew Counseling Services was established by Jodi Bessinger, in 2014 and quickly grew to become a group practice with more than 25 therapists. Our therapists are not only trained in several therapy methods but also come from different backgrounds, and with a variety of life experience.  We have one of the largest practices of Art & Expressive Therapists as well as EMDR Trained Therapists. 

Renew Counseling was created with the belief that all people can make great strides towards personal growth when ready for change. We believe that a willingness to

grow and show vulnerability are important keys to development and change. We also know trauma plays an important role in the difficulties many face. Experiences of trauma can impact us most deeply and continue, at times, to cause us the most distress. The residue of guilt and shame that accompanies traumatic experiences also creates invisible burdens and difficulties in our lives. We may store, hide away and deny these experiences for a long time. Our aim at Renew is to walk beside you and guide all on their journey toward personal growth and life improvement.


If you would prefer to have online sessions to protect your safety or those you love, we are offering Online (TeleHealth) services to ALL clients.


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“ We strive to make counseling accessible & affordable to everyone. We accept most insurance plans, offer a sliding scale rate and maintain a professional billing department to help with processing & claims and understanding your benefit.

We have a diverse team of therapists with years of experience treating children, adults, couples and families. Our treatment embraces the whole mind and body to create a more holistic recovery process. 

                                                                       – Jodi Bessinger



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May 2022

National Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.  

National Mental Health Awareness Month in May reminds us of the importance of being aware of not only our own mental health and wellbeing, but the wellbeing of others.   

The Covid Pandemic has led many to re-think how much time and attention we give to taking care of ourselves and those whom we love.  This may not extend just to family, but to neighbors, friends and even sometimes strangers.  The pandemic created a sense in most that our world is "unsafe".  Returning to "normal" is not something that many feel is possible.  I would agree that they are correct: we cannot go back to the way things were before.  We must learn how to move forward.  I have learned over the years as a therapist, that managing your mental health is about taking the time and attention towards giving to yourself so that you can give to others.  Good self care is about learning to "get up",  "get through" and "taking steps towards change".'  Validation for ourselves and others that: "we are worthy", "we have purpose", "what we do has meaning" and "we are safe" is so very important.   The rates of suicidal thoughts in adults and children has increased since the pandemic.  It's important to take care of ourselves at least as well as we take care of others.  Paying attention to our mental health and modeling good habits allows others to do so as well.  Here are some things to consider below.  I hope it is helpful ~Jodi Bessinger, Owner Renew Counseling

  • Take time out to check in with loved ones, friends and neighbors.  Send a text just saying "hello".  When we take time to connect, it often results in others connecting with us.  This is a benefit that benefits all.  

  • If you are feeling a loss of purpose or meaning and self injurious or suicidal thoughts are coming up for you, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

  • Dump being perfect, having the perfect life or having a perfect anything.  It does not exist.  Focus on what makes you feel good about yourself and let go of what others think or believe about you.  You are the expert of you.  

  • Self- Care and Self-Compassion is not always a bubble bath...but that can be part of it.  It is often granting oneself the permission to mess up, to make mistakes and to recover.  Self-care can be about slowing down, taking the time for yourself and allowing things to be "messy".  

  • Practicing self-compassion can often look like helping others.  As we give to others, we will usually notice a feeling of connectedness and love that comes back to ourselves.  

  • Be ok with NOT being ok and reach out to a professional, friend or loved one.