The science and biology of PTSD
In the study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it’s important to understand that PTSD is considered to be a psychological injury rather than a mental illness.
Neuroanatomical studies have identified changes in major brain structures of those with PTSD.

the amygdala and hippocampus are vital in showing that there are significant physical changes within the brain as a result of trauma.  These brain changes from PTSD, particularly if not diagnosed yet, can make life seem very confusing, and understanding your own mind can become almost impossible.  

A PTSD sufferer may struggle to find the right words to express what they are thinking and feeling. This is due to the prefontal lobe (responsible for language) being adversely affected by trauma and so disrupts its linguistic function.  People with PTSD can find it hard to control their emotions as the amygdala (responsible for emotional regulation) is in overdrive, due to its increase in physical size.  Short term memory loss can also affect those with PTSD as the hippocampus (responsible for memory and experience assimilation) actually shrinks.

PTSD can make you feel frightened no matter what you’re doing – your medial prefontal cortex is responsible for this (its role is to regulate emotion and fear responses) as it can’t regulate itself or function properly after trauma.

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THANK YOUfor considering Renew Counseling Services in Louisville, KY.  Renew was established in 2014 and most recently expanded to become a group practice.  

We created this practice with the belief that all individuals can make great strides towards personal growth.  We believe that motivation to change and a willingness to be vulnerable is the key to that change.  We also know that trauma plays an important role in the many difficulties individuals face.  It is these experiences of trauma that impact us most deeply and that continue, at times, to cause us the most distress.  The residue of guilt and shame which accompanies traumatic experiences also creates density and difficulties in our lives.  Sometimes unknowingly, we store, hide away and deny these experiences for long periods of time.  Our aim at Renew is to walk beside you and guide individuals on their journey towards personal growth & improvement.

We have therapists trained in EMDR, Family Systems Therapy, Expressive Therapies, Neurofeedback, Yoga-Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  We treat not only the mind but focus on healing the body as well.  We believe in a person-centered, trauma focused and familial approach.  Our goal is to assist you and/or your family in moving forward and gaining the tools you need to be healthy.  We have a healthy network of doctors and trained practitioners of wholistic treatment methods if additional treatment methods or pharmaceuticals are recommended and referrals are needed. 

Renew is also a training ground for Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors to receive supervision and support.  We provide professional trainings in the community too!  We also believe in taking care of the healer, thus we have therapists who see therapists at reduced rates.  

Renew Counseling Services is located in the St. Mathews area of Louisville, Kentucky.  We are located in the 214 Building on the corner of Breckenridge and Nanz Avenue. Parking is available in the rear of the building. Enter through the double doors at the back of the building and
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• Are you drinking plenty of water?

• Are you engaging in physical activity daily?

• Are you engaged in healthy relationships with others?

• Are you taking time for yourself?

• Are you wearing clothes you like?

• Are you getting regular sleep?

• Are you breathing deeply and exhaling at least 1x per day?

• Are you eating healthy foods more often?

• Are you listening to others rather than talking?

• Are you doing one thing you love to do?

• Are you laughing at least 1x per day?

• Are you engaged in silly behavior?

• Are you loved by something or someone?

• Are you sending that love out or caring for others?


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R E C O M M E N D E D   R E A D I N G​

​I highly recommend this book!  The research and work of Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD, is based in trauma theory.  This book is a must read for those wanting to understand how trauma impacts the body and brain.  I recently completed Bessel Van Der Kolk's year long training in Trauma based therapy.  This book will help you look differently at perhaps yourself and definitely others who have experienced traumatic events and help provide an understanding or path towards healing. 

                     ~Jodi Bessinger