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We created this practice with the belief that all individuals can make great strides towards personal growth. We believe that motivation to change and a willingness to be vulnerable are important keys to that change. We also know trauma plays an important role in the many difficulties individuals face. It is these experiences of trauma we work to heal.


We have created one of the largest group practices of EMDR trained therapists.  We practice from various modalities and areas of training including cognitive, dialectical & behavioral therapy, play, art and expressive therapies, acceptance & commitment therapy, emotionally focused therapy and EMDR.  We know that the body holds trauma, the brain keeps it in play until processed and fully understood as adaptive information.  Because of this knowledge and understanding, we know that therapy is essential to letting go of the past so that you can live in the present. 

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Our Newest Location!  
Renew Counseling, 3027 Preston Hwy!

We are excited to offer a new location to our Louisville individuals and families on the south and western end of Louisville.  Our Preston location is conveniently located off major interstates as well as being close to the University of Louisville, Germantown, Highlands and downtown. We have a variety of providers located here including Spanish speaking.  We look forward to offering services in this location where there are not many providers.

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