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EMDR Consultation


"Life is not about who you once were.  It's about who you are now, and who you have the potential to be"~ author unknown.  EMDR changed who I was as a person and therapist many years ago.  As a Certified EMDR Therapist, I offer individual and group consultation to therapists seeking to strengthen their EMDR skills and/or gain certification in EMDR. 

Jodi Bessinger, MA, LPAT, LPCC-S 
EMDR Consultant in Training

I have over 25 years of counseling and therapy experience and have been using EMDR with clients for the past 8 years.  I was initially trained in EMDR back in 2010 and completed my certification process in January 2020.  I am currently an EMDRIA Consultant In Training (CIT).  I have been a clinical supervisor for licensure for many years and supporting clinicians who are training or trained in EMDR is a passion of mine.  


The EMDR Consultation I provide is designed for licensed therapists who have completed the EMDR Basic Training and wish to pursue EMDR Certification and/or deepen their knowledge and understanding of EMDR in practice. 


Participation requires a minimum six-month commitment.

I understand how overwhelming it can be to incorporate EMDR into your therapy practice.  Not all trainings are created equally and it can be tough to try new things when it's easier to use clinical techniques we are more comfortable with.  But, I continued to find it was not as effective.  

My EMDR Consultation is about meeting you where you are at and helping you to develop deeper understanding of the EMDR 8 phases, how to use standard protocol and incorporating all you learned into your current day to day practice.  We are taking this learning journey step by step.  

EMDR Consultantion Fees

My fee for individual consultation is $50/hour for individual and $25.00/hr. for group consultation (1 hour group). I try to keep this reasonably priced as I am working on my CIT hours as well and I am also wanting to help increase the number of certified EMDR therapists in the Louisville and surrounding areas. 

Because I am a Consultant In Training (CIT), it is required that you complete 5 individual hrs. and/or group hrs. of consultation with an approved EMDRIA Consultant. Consultation can occur via phone, zoom or in person.

Please contact me if you're interested in attending individual or group consultation or if you wish to contract for EMDR certification.  

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