EMDR Consultation


As a Certified EMDR Therapist I offer individual
and group consultation to therapists seeking to strengthen their skills and/or gain certification. 

Jodi Bessinger, MA, LPAT, LPCC-S 

EMDR Consultant

I have over 25 years of counseling and therapy experience and have been using EMDR with clients for the past 7 years.  I was initially trained in EMDR back in 2010 and recently completed my certification process in January 2020.  I am currently an EMDRIA Consultant In Training (CIT) so that I may provide training in EMDR as well.  I have been a clinical supervisor for licensure for many years and supporting clinicians who are training or trained in EMDR is a passion of mine.  


The EMDR Consultation I provide is designed for licensed therapists who have completed the EMDR Basic Training and wish to pursue EMDR Certification and/or deepen their knowledge and understanding of EMDR in practice. 


Participation requires a minimum six-month commitment.

EMDR Consultation Fee

Individual $80.00-120.00

Group (per person) $40.00-80.00


EMDR Consultantion Fees

My fee for individual consultation is $60/hour for individual and $40.00/hr. for group consultation per person (2 hour group). I try to keep this reasonably priced as I am working on my CIT hours as well and I am also wanting to help increase the number of certified EMDR therapists. 

Because I am a Consultant In Training (CIT), it is required that you complete 5 individual hrs. and/or group hrs. of consultation with my supervisor: Robert Grubbs II and pay his fees: $120/hr. for 2 hr. group and $85/hr. for individual consultation to him directly. You will only be charged by Mr. Grubbs for these consultation hours and they will be applied to your total group & individual hours.  

Consultation can occur via phone, zoom or in person.