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Caleb Burrell, LMFT

Caleb Burrell has been doing therapy since 2014. He is dedicated to guiding couples and families in deepening emotional intimacy and healing past trauma. 

Caleb received his Masters from Santa Clara University, California in Counseling Psychology. He also attended Brigham Young University-Idaho and received a Bachelors in Psychology.


Since 2010, his work experience includes community health services as well as schools in providing mental health resources and therapy. Caleb has experience in counseling children and adults, in family and couple settings. Additionally, he is trained in treating trauma and PTSD through EMDR as well as Couple’s Counseling through EFT. 

“I am here to help you navigate the distress resulting from challenges and difficulties we all experience in this world. Often, these challenges leave us with feelings of loneliness and isolation, alienating us from others and discouraging us to reach out for support and help. Therapy is a collaborative process, and it is my hope to help you feel less alone in the difficulties which you face.”

“It takes the gift of courage to walk into therapy. As a therapist, I want to honor, nurture and strengthen the that gift.”

EMDR, Trauma, Depression,

Couples and Teens

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