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Sarah Vittitow, ME.D., LPCA

I am a a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate experienced in working with trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and adults on the autism spectrum.  My approach to mental healthcare begins with clients building trusting in their therapeutic process at their own pace, my role being one of support and non judgement.  I help those I work with begin to untangle the mix of emotions, behaviors, thoughts or patterns surrounding the areas they choose to focus on and form pathways towards improvements that are unique to them.  


Often the work done in addressing one facet of life has beneficial ripple effects into others, allowing a natural unfolding of self-development and personal well-being that progresses in manageable strides.  

The realities we experience are continuously shaped by an immense combination of influencing factors across our lifetime and what we struggle with can have many complex roots.  As a therapist I collaborate with client in identifying what underlies personal challenges and find ways to approach desired change.

Depression, Anxiety, ADHD

ASD, Adults and Teens

Sandtray Therapy 

Person-Centered Therapy 

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