As a clinician I focus on helping people create meaning and purpose in their lives aiming to build resilience through difficult times. It is important to me to help people understand how to treat themselves with compassion in a society that can be difficult to navigate for those that feel alienated from the mainstream culture. In psychotherapy I used a person-centered approach with focus on helping people reconnect with their authentic self and provide tools to help them care for their psychological wounding or trauma, that will allow them not only to manage symptoms but explore their potential and possibilities beyond their troubles.

Richard Carbuccia, LPCA

I seek to help people understand they are much more than their mental health symptoms they experience, and that expression of their individual lived experience matters to their recovery. My hope is to create an environment in which you leave therapy feeling more calm and confident about your abilities to live a fulfilling life

CBT, Person-Centered therapy, multicultural issues, men's issues, depression & anxiety, trauma, personality disorders


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