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Health Coach


 I have come to realize the undeniable impact that health
plays on mental health.

Christina Edwards M.Ed., LPCC


Through years of hearing people's stories as a therapist, I have come to realize the undeniable impact that health plays on mental health. When it's difficult to move, get motivated, stay motivated, have any energy, seek comfort in foods that we know aren't good... When we just feel lousy, it's hard to shed the depression, the guilt, the anger and the anxiety. I've been determined to be a hand that can help the whole self heal. I've trained to be a health coach, so I can walk alongside your decisions to put good in and get good out; we'll work together to find your bio-individual blend of food and exercise that gets you to a better place. I'm not a doctor, not a dietician, and I'm not going to prescribe anything. I'm going to let you take the lead in knowing what makes your body feel good and use my skills to build you up from there. We can grocery shop and swap, we can cook together, and we can try exercises that are new to you. There are many paths but it all starts with your interest in wanting to live your best life.



Learn how food matters, how what you eat can contribute to your overall health. Join one of our many group classes at $25.00 per session, and let's eat our way to
better health.

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    Make Overs

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•  Eating Your Way 
    to Health

•  Lifestyle/Health to
   help heal anxiety

•  Health to help Depression

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