Christina Edwards, LPCC

Chrisina is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with 12 years of experience in community mental health working with children and adults. She graduated from the University of Louisville with Masters in Education in clinical counseling with expressive therapy emphasis.  She specializes in trauma with EMDR as primary treatment. People often only think of trauma as a major disaster but it can much less obvious like negative sibling interactions, bad teachers, abusive relationships, parental overreactions and bullying. These events can cause negative internal messages to get stuck causing depressive and anxious symptoms; these messages can be changed.
I believe in the connectivity that we all possess living  on our Earth. How we interact with people has been learned over time in order to help us survive. It's not until our coping skills begin to fail that we realize we need to do something different.

EMDR, Trauma, Expressive Therapy, Holistic Approach, Children & Adults