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Faith Jones, LPCA

I am passionate about working with adolescents to address mental health issues that create a barrier to experiencing positive mental health. I assist clients in the counseling process by providing a safe place to be heard and empowering them to utilize the tools that are needed to navigate challenges that arise, such as coping skills, healthy communication, healthy boundaries, etc. I have experience working in inpatient and school settings. I currently work with adolescents to address mental health issues including anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and ADHD.
"I chose the profession of mental health counseling because I believe that maintaining our mental health increases quality of life. I utilize the wellness model to address the whole person by bringing awareness to areas that can be improved to achieve the goal of improving your overall  health."

Anxiety, Depressive & Mood Disorders, ADHD, Adolescents and Adults. . . 

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