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Cayce Bayens, LPCA

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Associate (LPCA).  I take a collaborative approach with warmth, acceptance, and non-judgment to develop a strong therapeutic connection. My intention is to meet you where you are and together establish an individualized plan for growth, self-awareness, utilization of strengths and optimal well-being. All experiences are unique and allowing me to help with your personal journey is an honor.


It is important for me as a counselor to make sure that in every session the client feels safe and comfortable to share. I focus on making sure the client feels listened to and met where they are at in order to promote the growth of the client.

What I believe keeps my clients coming back to follow up visits is the safety they feel and the unbiased, warm, and welcoming environment that I strive to create.

" Therapy is a safe place for you to start the journey in exploring what is happening in your life.   A safe place to understand the reasons why and find solutions with a helping and guiding therapist to walk beside you along the way . 

LGBTQIA, Transgender, Depression,

Anxiety, Mood..... 

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