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Wellness & Nutrition Classes


I can make food too!

Are the kids stuck in bad eating habits?

Let them try tele-"cooking" healthy meals and snacks with peers. We'll be using veggies and fruits to help them enjoy and possibly try some new foods and all while having fun with friends. At least 1 adult will have to be present to help with measuring, knife skills and any heated equipment. I'll send out recipes when you sign up so that you can have all the ingredients ready for the day. Shop together and get them interested in the meals. Feel free to adjust ingredients for any allergens or any ingredients they find while shopping and want to add. Have fun making messes, exploring and building family time. 

Class Duration: 4 Week Course (TeleHealth)
Cost: $60
Day & Date: Fridays at 6 p.m. starting 2/26/21 
Participants: Ages 3-6
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