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Person Centered Therapy

Mindfullness, Breath Work, 

Anxiety and Holistic Therapy

Shelli Carpenter, M.Ed., LPCA
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

 My drive is to help those seeking to overcome mental health challenges and experience wholeness in their lives.

With an academic background in Humanities and Psychology, and nearly twenty years of experience as a yoga teacher/practitioner, I have been interested in the transformation and healing that mindfulness practices, in conjunction with therapy, can provide for one’s mental health, self-development, and well-being.  I am trained in EMDR therapy to help individuals work thru trauma. 

I use an integrative approach, drawing on  a variety of therapeutic techniques and theories, to support you as an individual while creating a safe space to help you overcome the challenges that are keeping you from living the life you envision for yourself.

It is my intention to work with you in a holistic manner, focusing on your strengths and resources, and acknowledging that you know yourself better than anyone, as we work together toward you overcoming obstacles and blocks that interfere with you living your best life. 

“We all need help, at some point in our life, in strengthening our mental wellness; we each have the right to feel acknowledged, cared for, and recognized as a valuable human being.” 
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