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ADHD, Autism, Neurodivergent Clients, Family Therapy, Teens, Adults, Intellectual Disabilities, TBI, OCD, ODD

Benjamin Wilson, LMFT

Benjamin Wilson, LMFT, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing therapeutic services and results-oriented treatment plans. As a graduate of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary MFT program and the University of Louisville, Benjamin provides individual and family therapy that covers array of issues from depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, grief, stress management, and self-esteem.


He has a passion in working with adolescents, and their parents, in addressing behavior problems, including disruptive and angry outbursts, inter/intrapersonal conflicts and trauma care, parenting strategies, ADHD assessment for children 10+ and adults, autism spectrum disorder, middle and high school transition periods, self-confidence, loss of a parent, bullying, impact of parents’ divorce, self-harm, and social engagements.


Benjamin’s experiential therapeutic approach promotes family participation in order to develop the best treatment plan, and his experience in the school systems is invaluable. 

“I have finally come to realize I don’t believe in people. There’s really no such thing as an individual. We’re all just fragments of families floating around, trying to live life. All of life and all of pathology is interpersonal.”- Carl Whitaker 
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