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Jennifer Hansen, MFTA
Marriage & Family Therapy Associate

My goal is to provide clients with a safe space to be seen, heard, and validated as we work collaboratively to identify and implement effective communication, healthy boundaries, and other tools to better manage day to day stressors, anxiety, life transitions, and improve overall wellness.  I especially have a heart for those who have experienced abuse, anxiety and depression.  I work with individuals, couples and families utilizing person centered, CBT, EFT, EMDR, Gottman and other techniques.   
I believe that within us we all have the ability to heal. At times we need someone to walk the journey with us to find our inner strength, courage, and healing. I see the therapeutic relationship as a sacred journey, and I would be honored to walk a part of your journey with you. 

Adults with Depression, Anxiety

Relational Issues, PTSD & Trauma

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