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Rebecca Roberts-Kerns,

I am a Licensed Professional Art Therapist and nationally Board-Certified Art Therapist. I graduated from Adler University in Chicago, IL with a counseling and art therapy degree in 2013. I have worked in community and residential mental health settings with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults, and have experience providing, individual, group, and online counseling. I am trained in various techniques and treatment modalities including EMDR, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Somatic Experiencing, and Jungian Analytical Therapy. I came to specialize in trauma and abuse treatment early in my career because it is so often the root cause of diminished mental health. Trauma can subsequently manifest in problems such as mood and personality disorders, which are major concerns in our society requiring special attention. I have chosen grief and loss and life transitions as additional areas of specialty due to their frequent minimization despite being basic parts of the human experience.     

Trauma, DBT, EMDR,

Eating Disorders, Jungian Analytical Therapy, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions

I believe most problems stem from traumas of varying degrees. Awareness of how trauma impacts the mind and body allows it to be healed rather than avoided or channeled into destructive behaviors. I have found expressive therapies to be a powerful tool for healing and helping individuals integrate trauma.  I work to promote the holistic health of my clients and enjoy providing the safety and understanding necessary for them to move towards hope and new meaning in life.
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